Fighting Fire with Water

The philsophical side of peaceful anarchism, how to escape "the system" and live a technologically  independent life. 

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The New Book that Gets to the Heart of Survivalism!
Surviving Survivalism
How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock -- Updated 4th Edition

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Quotes from Our Readers:

  • "Interesting, informative, not a sales pitch for lifestyle or lure to "find the answers" or the latest guru.  I learned many things.  Thank you!" -- Barb, NM
  • "I bought your book this morning and am halfway through it. And I have to tell you - I feel like I stole it!  I cannot believe how inspired I feel from this $5 purchase - the value far outstrips the price.  I will be purchasing every book you guys ever put out in the future." - Daisy, Canada
  • "I just finished reading your eBook that I purchased last week off a link on one of the blogs I frequent. Wow! What a treat. I have several dozen books on useful topics relating to survival, but this one stands alone. - Steve, KY
  • "We both just finished our download of the Surviving Survivalism and throughly loved it - it was the 'down 'n dirty, this is where your mind needs to be' kind of info we've been looking for - wonderfully written!"-- Kaye, MI
  • "Thank you so much for sharing with all of us a glimpse of self sufficiency that is doable."  -- Alan, CA
  • "This has to be the best book that I've read on self sufficiency!  -- Reggie, CA
    What it's REALLY like to live the life.
An inside look at what to expect if you decide to pick up stakes and move to the off the grid, self-sufficient, survivalist lifestyle.  Written by  people who have actually done it, not just talked about it. Loaded with how-to information as well as what you will face when you do.  Chapter List

More Quotes from Our Readers:
  • "Finally, survivalism from the perspective of someone actually living the life. An in-depth look at the survivalist lifestyle, its benefits and its pitfalls in an unvarnished, experiential view."  --
  • "Last week I purchased your book and just wanted to let you know it is terrific. All the needed topics, short and sweet, in one place!"  - Mike
  • "I think you are in that class of "people who specialize in the impossible."  You're doing what most people only dream !"  Dave, CA
  • "Your book was even better than I expected!' - Leonard, NM
  • "I'm really enjoying your book, so far.  Lots of food for thought." - Lisa,
  • "Your book was more informative than others I've been reading, still have lots to learn." - Larry

Includes all these Chapters...                                                                                         
1.Where is Your Head                 
2.Why Be a Survivalist                 
3.Reasons Not to Prepare              
4.Home Grown Humanity              
5.It's 2012 Is It Too Late                                                                        
6.There But for the Grace of God Go I?      
7.Act As If                     
8.Don't Fix the System Get Out of It         
9.Don't Bring the Outside World With You     
10.How Far Away from the World Do I Need to   Be?                     
11.The Perfect Bug-Out Pack             
12.What to Look For in Your Land         
13.Land Contracts                 
15.Securing Your Property             
16.Creating a Community   Who's Out There     
17.Gimme Shelter                 
18.Water Collection                 
19.Getting Off the Grid Mentally         
20.Simple Solar Power                 
21.Wind Power                     
22.Think Sustainability                 
23.Chickens?  Cluck, Yes!             
25.Growing Your Own in a Greenhouse       
26.Growing Your Own Outside of a Greenhouse Wild Sowing                     
27.Chain or Two-Man Saws             
28.Laundry Day                     
29.Yes, You Are What You Eat             
30.Our Recommended List of Storage Foods     
31.Wood Stove Cooking                 
34.Living Without a Fridge             
35.On the Radio                     
36.Satellite Internet                 
38.Heal Thyself                   
39.Teaching Children HOW to Think Not    WHAT to Think                    
40.When Money Is No Longer Important     
41.Life's Luxuries           
42.A Day in the Life           
43.Signs of Self-Sabotage       
44.Watching the World Fall Apart Or Not   
   Selected Essays
   Recommended Reading and Web Sites

If you are considering living the survivalist/off-grid lifestyle, or if you are already living the lifestyle, this book has the information you need!