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Removal of Choice

This is a special report from the outskirts of the action as the U.S. – as we grew up to know it – is in its final death throws.

This is less than a week from the infamous Batman Massacre and the new talk – not unexpectedly – is for more gun control, to the point of total disarmament – but of the people, only! This morning I heard an excerpt from a speech by Mr. Obama in which he said that he was as for the 2nd amendment as anyone, because he understood that it's an American tradition to hunt and shoot, but that you don't need an AK47 to do that. Well, that's not what the second amendment is about. They've been trying to make us forget that the second amendment was put there for the people to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. If we were true to that, we would have weapons that were equal to those the government has! But we don't, and, frankly, we don't even want them. We have a weapon far superior to anything they can put in our faces... the power to say “no” to doing something that is, at its essence, wrong.

Many people are awaiting the “big event” so they will know it's time to do something. Well, it's not going to happen that way. It is happening now and has been happening for decades in the “bologna slice” method. Say someone gives you a whole bologna. Then they take one slice and, well, that's ok, it's just a little slice. You still got plenty. Then they take another slice, and another slice and pretty soon, you got no bologna left. Like I said, they've been doing this to the U. S. for decades, but it's been put into hyperspeed since 9/11. And it's all to take away your choice and turn you into smiling, happy servants/consumers who keep working so that the few can move the funds – real or not – to themselves.

By do “something”, I don't mean fix the system. That's a rotting cow and even the tenderloin doesn't taste good. What I mean is for people to change their life to be sustainable and survivable through the coming chaos and beyond, without depending on some government agency or other to give you ANYTHING. And learn to live with what you have and can figure out. This is what frees you to choose what is right over what is wrong. And there isn't one of you out there who doesn't know the difference way inside of you.

They can make whatever rules they want, they can run the country however they want, and it doesn't matter. What matters is that they are trying to completely take away your CHOICE! That's the most egregious aspect of this slaughter of America – the removal of choice. And they have done it with your permission – it could not be done in any other way.

I was in my 20s when the “women's lib” thing happened. It was also when Marabel Morgan wrote the book, the total woman, which was about being extremely – even overly – feminine. Time magazine did a story on the book and I wrote a letter to the editor which actually got printed. It said, “I wish to thank Marabel Morgan for allowing me to feel good about being a feminine woman. And I wish to thank the national organization of women for giving me a choice.”

Having a choice is what is important. And the more it's ok with you that you have no choice in this or that, the more choices will be taken from you.

Codex Alimentarius will not only be severely limiting what supplements or herbs you can buy to keep yourself healthy in a way you choose, but they will define what can and cannot be called a banana or a green pepper.

The new “affordable health care” act, “Obamacare” is the ultimate in no choice. Your only choice will be, do I give my money to the health insurance company for medical care or do I give money to the government for not getting medical care. And if your decision is to take the medical care, how long will it be before you have no choice as to what drugs you do or do not take. If you're overweight, will you be allowed NOT to take the newest weight loss drugs, regardless of any side effects they may have? Or regardless of the fact that you may be happy with yourself at whatever weight you are? Slice of bologna, slice of bologna.

Who makes the choice of how you live your life? Very few – a minuscule number – of people can say they do and be telling the truth. You may think you choose where you work, but the schools have guided you and trained you to have what TPTB consider a good job. Good enough to filter most of your paycheck up to them. You may think you choose where you live, but the corporations set up their offices in the place that is best (i.e., most cost effective) for them and you live nearby because you have been guided by the schools and every commercial you see to get the most money you can, and the big corporations seem to promise that.

Think about this .. Why Asian communism works – and I'm not saying communism is good – or bad – I'm not judging it, but it certainly has control of the people.... take the recent death of Kim Jung Il. The people were told they'd better be crying – and real loud – for Kim Jung Il because if they don't – they'll be shot. If they had their way, they'd probably be cheering like the castle guards when the wicked witch of the west was “liquidated”.

It comes to the point where you have to make that decision. "I can resist that which is wrong, but only to the point of the choice of life or death. Then I must save myself by obeying." But truly 'free' people will go past that point, to the point of "I will never obey a controlling, enslaving organization's orders, even if I must die to do it." That removes the fear and once the fear is removed, it is easier to choose right over wrong.

Even if you do choose right out of fear, it's still not a right choice. Right must be chosen only on the basis of knowing it is the right thing to do, regardless of what you may seem to lose because of your decision.

If the cost of flying includes being physically molested or irradiated – DON'T FLY.

If they move the checkpoints to the highways – DON'T DRIVE

If you don't want to eat the poison available as food today – GROW YOUR OWN.

If your job requires you to perform acts of wrongness – GET ANOTHER JOB, NO MATTER WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IN WAGES WILL BE. And I'm soft-soaping it here. If you have to learn to live without money – DO IT.

Stop Complying with your own slavery.

Become an example of righteousness. You don't need to shout your good works, simply let others who will see, see. Empower them, encourage them to do right on their own that they may become beacons themselves. Then you won't be rebuilding the old, unbalanced, rotten paradigm, you will be one who ushers in the new paradigm. And isn't that worth surviving for?

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