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22 Things to Do Around Your Survivalist Homestead When It's Cloudy and You Don't Have Enough Solar Power to Surf the Internet


We had an elongated “monsoon” season this year. It rained about 4 weeks longer than usual. And it stayed cloudy most of that time. This led to precious little time available to run the Internet modem, since the batteries weren't getting a direct sunlight charge during this rainy spell. So we had to find things to do other than surf!

  1. Play cards

  2. Scrape the burnt food from the kitchen wood stove top

  3. Read a book

  4. Increase the winter woodpile

  5. Pump water into the holding tank from the well

  6. Butcher a chicken for dinner

  7. Collect juniper berries

  8. Paint the wood trim

  9. Bake an extra loaf of bread

  10. Bring the extra loaf of bread to a neighbor

  11. Take the dog on a hike

  12. Take a luxurious bath

  13. Write another chapter in your novel

  14. Make whoopee

  15. Dust behind the pictures

  16. Mend socks

  17. Make a kitchen planter box for herbs

  18. Decide what you want to plant in next year's garden

  19. Daydream

  20. Sunbathe

  21. Air out the pillows and blankets

  1. You know what – some times I just like to spend time with my husband and our son, talking about the day, talking about current events or the latest upgrade for Linux – not text messaging, not talking in quick spurts on a cell phone, not emailing each other... talking face to face having a conversation. Sometimes we forget what time it is and wind up talking late into the night. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation we decide to cook up something unusual (saueeed ground chicken meat marinated in ginger, mustard, sugar, leeks and vinegar this week) and have a feed.

Truth is, there's a lot you can do besides going to the mall or watching TV or playing video games on a cloudy day. Maybe I'll be lucky and it will be cloudy tomorrow.

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