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18 Things to Like About Being a Survivalist


It safe to say that if you live off the grid in the wilderness your lifestyle is very different from the urban/suburban day-to-day. We've replaced driving to work, working in a cubicle all day, driving home so tired that after dinner all the energy that is left goes into watching TV, with full days of physical labor that may tire the body but invigorates the soul.

In between the daily chores, we have time to rest and time to reflect and think about our choice. Some of the things that have spoiled us are....

  1. Sunbathing

  2. Reading a book

  3. Having deep conversations with people we love

  4. Not worrying about a mortgage payment

  5. Never being stuck in traffic

  6. Not having a electric bill, phone bill, cable TV bill or water bill

  7. Being outside on a nice day – or any day I choose to be

  8. Working in the garden

  9. Seeing a herd of antelope pass gracefully by

  10. Hearing how messed up the world is and not experiencing it first hand

  11. Bathing outdoors in the summer

  12. Takings lots of safety breaks and understanding their importance

  13. Feeding chickens and gathering eggs

  14. Harvesting desert figs and yucca fruit

  15. Hearing an elk bugle

  16. Watching our son build a house out of local rocks and adobe

  17. Knowing that I'll never go hungry

  18. Helping others achieve this lifestyle

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